Blacklisted Casinos 2019

Welcome to the Blacklist, also known as online casino scam hell. This list here exists because there exist casinos that do their best to scam you out of your money. When we find them, we enter them onto this list, and then we leave them there for a long time. Why? Because we want to protect you from the dangers of dealing with scammers. You see, while the online gambling industry is full of online casinos that are trying to get you to play with them and give you a good time, it is also full of those that do not want to do that. The industry is incredibly large and just like with any other large industry. And just like with anything that is incredibly large, the industry casts a large shadow. Within this shadow live those who do not want you to have fun, those who will do their best to take your money and run. These are the online casino scams that you need to avoid. The industry is rife with them and there are all kinds of them: those who will take your money, those who will take your money and personal information and those who will take your money, personal information and then hack your computer to take even more of your money.

This is why the blacklist exists. Within it, you will find all of the companies that are dishonest and corrupt, all of the scams that you need to avoid no matter how lucrative they look. The list is the result of months and months of research, looking at payment systems and how companies try to cheat people out of their money. We describe all of it in detail and then tell you to run from the company as fast as possible.

List Of Blacklisted Casinos

Complete Guide to Online Blacklisted Casinos

So, the list might be long and we might be feeling righteous, but why do we get to feel righteous about it and how do we decide who gets added to the list and who doesn’t? Well, the decision-making process is rather simple and can be taught to anyone, even a humble beginner player who has no idea how to choose a casino.

We decide whether a casino deserves to be on the list by looking at several aspects of the casino, which are the same as what we look at when reviewing all casinos. The thing is, these casinos usually fail our criteria so marvelously that we have no choice but to add them to the list and hope that users make sure to check back with us before choosing to play with the casino. We look at the company license, software, casino games, user reviews and more before we decide whether a casino deserves to be here. So once the casino is added to the list, you can be sure that you should be avoiding it at all costs.

Lack of a License
Lack of a License

One of the most important things that point towards a casino not being one that you should be looking to work with is the absence of a license. All casinos, no matter whether they are online or not, should have a license. The number of the license and the regulatory body it originates from.

The license document should be located in a special, easy to find, section of the website. The license should also be easily verifiable with the regulator so that we can be confident of its origin.

Furthermore, the license should be with a regulator that we can trust and know to trust. If the license is from a famously untrustworthy or corrupted regulator, then we simply won’t take it seriously. If we don’t take the casino seriously, we will list it right here, in the Blacklist.

The functionality of the payment systems
The functionality of the payment systems

The point of a casino is simple - allow its players to enjoy themselves and, if they win, give them the money they have won. Casinos that follow the rules and don’t scam their casinos pay their customers without delay. If a casino has a history of delaying or canceling payments or having a payment system that makes no sense or does not allow for easy transfers, then they are probably a scam and you should stay away from them. Check out here the most popular casino payment methods which trusted casinos commonly use.

We usually check this by first looking at reviews and if there is no evidence of past issues, we go ahead and try to deposit and withdraw money. If we get serious issues, we assume that the casino is more of a scam than anything else and blacklist it immediately.

Absence of an RNG
Absence of an RNG

A random number generator is probably a key part of any casino game. It is what allows the casino games to be random, without predetermined results and thus fair to the players and the casino equally. If a casino does not have a random number generator, well, it is probably determining the results and outcomes of the games itself. If that is the case, then there is no way the casino is unbiased and not making lots of profits off of this. In which case the casino is a scam.

A random number generator guarantees that the casino games are actual casino games and not some kind of pre-programmed games. If I want a story I would go play God of War. What I want is a bit of risk and a bit of chance and a lot of winnings. So, if a casino has no RNG, it is going to be part of the blacklist.

Personal Information Leaks
Personal Information Leaks

Personal information is the most valuable kind, and leaking such information either publically or to websites or individuals is one of the greatest sins an online casino could commit. If a casino has been leaking the personal information of its users, it means the casino is a scam. If it is not a scam, then it is definitely full of the kind of people you do not want to trust with your money. So stay away from them. This will be easy because the list contains their names, so you know not to deal with them.

Bad or no customer support
Bad or no customer support

Customer support is the direct line of communication between the casino and you. If there are problems, customer support is who you get in touch with, to fix the issue and keep playing and getting your winnings. If there is no customer support, then the issues persist and you keep losing your funds. Hence, the company is a scam and you should stay away.

This is one of the glaring qualities of all scam casinos - they do not have customer support. This is because they do not care about helping their clients, all they want is to take their money and run.

Removing a casino from the Blacklist

While we dd say that we like to keep a blacklisted casino this way for a long time, we also believe in the second chances. This is why we regularly check in on the casinos we have blacklisted. If they have acquired a license or fixed any of the other issues that go them onto the blacklist, we come closer to taking them off of the list. It might take a bit of effort on the casino's side, but it is possible for a casino to stop being considered a scam and become a legitimate business.

We, of course, do not remove a casino from the blacklist just because it has requested to be taken off. If such a request arrives, we go to check the casino, and if we see that the casino is still a blacklist worthy scam, we leave it there. If a casino has fixed its behavior before such a request though, we might move it from the list.

These are the characteristics we look for when deciding whether a casino should be removed from the list:

  1. Casino legality;
  2. Information safety;
  3. Fair gameplay;
  4. Customer support responsiveness.

The information we look for and provide for our users is always recent and reliable. This is why you should seek out to look at our casino reviews and into the Blacklist, before deciding to play wit ha casino you found online.