Amex Casinos 2019 (American Express)

American Express logoOne of the most reliable and secure payment methods for this purpose is AmEx, or American Express. Founded in 1850, the company has now become synonymous with flexibility and reliability. And even though AmEx is not as widely popular as other payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal, it is still supported by a lot of online casinos. For those who have an AmEx card and want to play online casinos that accept American Express, we have answered the most frequently asked questions for this payment method down below.

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Why AmEx at an Online Casino is a Good Choice

There are several benefits of using AmEx as a payment method in online casinos. However, along with so many benefits, it comes with a few problems as well. Here is a breakdown of its pros and cons. 


  • Trusted payment method​. American Express is a reputed company with its branches all over the world. Your money is secured, and the server doesn’t save your card data. This means there is little to no chance of any fraud. The security measures used by the company are robust and sufficient. 
  • An immediate deposit of the money. The deposits you make to your account are processed quickly and shown in your account instantly. There is no need to sign up with any third party to complete the transaction. 
  • 24/7 support. AmEx is a large company with customer satisfaction as its main motive. Any grievances are handled quickly and settled in the minimum time possible. 


  • Withdrawal of money is not easy. Ideally, you should be easily able to withdraw your winnings from an AmEx casino online, but the reality is different. There are various casinos that don’t offer withdrawal to AmEx users or provide it, but the waiting time is several business days. All you can withdraw the money to your bank account, but that’s an extra hassle nobody wants. 
  • Less common. As we already mentioned above, there are not many online casinos that take American Express as they are done with, let’s say, Visa or MasterCard. But the choice is still broad as many top online casino accept AmEx as a deposit and withdrawal method.

How to Make an Amex Deposit and Withdrawal 

There are several ways to withdraw and deposit money from your account in case you like playing in online casinos that take Amex.

Register an Account

To get an American Express card, go to the vendor’s official website and click “get started.” Choose the type of card you want and fill in the application with all the relevant personal and billing information, as well as your address.

Amex Register Account

You can also order a card via mail and over the phone. Before getting one, be sure to study the company’s terms and fees as all cards come with specific requirements and perks suiting not everyone.

How to Deposit using Amex

The AmEx casino deposit method is really easy and simple. First, you need to find the casino accepting AmEx as the payment method. You can find this out by logging into your account, clicking the menu tab, and under that tab, you will find the ‘payment methods’ section. This will let you know all the payment methods that your online casino supports. From that drop-down menu, select this payment option to check whether you’re in an online casino American Express.

Different online gambling sites offer different bonus options to new users. Any player would like to earn the maximum bonus amount, so check the offer of competitive casinos as well before depositing your money.

Once you’re sure the casino accept AmEx, now is the time to deposit money and play casino with AmEx. Enter the amount you want to deposit along with your Amex card details such as the card number, its expiry date, it CVV code number and any other information requested by the website. Once the transfer is complete, the amount will be reflected in your account instantly.

The entire process is very simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions given on the screen, and you are good to go. The whole transaction will take less than 2 minutes to get processed.

How to Withdraw using Amex

Withdrawing money from your online casino is even simpler. On the withdrawal page, input the amount that you’d like to withdraw and click the ‘confirm’ button. Withdrawal of the money from your account will take 3 to 5 business days depending on the country you are in. Thus, the withdrawal speed is slower than other payment cards, but much faster than payment processing times of a bank transfer.

Amex Compared to Other Systems

AmEx is secure and reputable as a payment provider, but some of its features may be not that comfortable for gamblers. Here is its comparison with five other popular payment methods.

Payments Withdrawal time Limits Min deposit Fees
AmEx 3-5 business days None $10

2.5%-3.5% for merchants. 

Withdrawal of personal funds – free

Visa 24-72 hours

No limit on deposit amounts
$1,000 purchase limit per business day 

$20 2-8%
Interac Up to 30 minutes Incoming limit: $10,000 per day $10

$0.5 for each transfer below $100

$1 for each transfer over $100

Business account fees $1.5 per transfer

PaySafeCard Up to 24 hours

Payment limit: €1,000

Daily transaction limit: €2,000

$10 9.5-15% depending on the transaction volume
Neteller Instant (up to 48 hours max.) Incoming limit €2,000 per day (1,000 limits on teenager accounts)  $10

0% fee for transfers to merchant sites

Money transfer: 1,45% (min. $0.5)


Conclusion about AmEx

As you can see, American Express is a financial provider with a strong reputation and a long presence in the market. Thus, its products are associated with advanced security. However, using the AmEx card for gambling transactions is not that easy; not all merchants accept it, while withdrawals of winnings to it are problematic. Thus, it’s recommended to stick to this payment method only in case other alternatives are not suitable.


🤔 Is it safe to use Amex as a payment method with online casinos?
Amex has strong security features and it doesn’t save your data on any server. Thus, it is one of the safest payment methods. Just make sure that the casino you are playing on is a reputable one as well.
💳 How do I get an Amex card?
You can easily get an Amex card by applying for it on the Amex website or by visiting one of the companions of them based on your creditworthiness. And depending on how much you deposit on the card or spend with it, you get the cashback and bonuses from American Express. 
💵 Do online Casinos accept Amex?
Mostly you will find casinos allowing you to play online casino slots using Amex, but it is not as popular as Visa or MasterCard. Make sure to check that your selected online casino accepts Amex before registering with it.