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Online Casino Bonus for Gamblers in 2019

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Bonus hunters are spending hours and days researching on the most impressive and generous casino bonus offers being currently on offer not to leave out a bundle of credits to make them rich at once. In case you aim to have your acc charged with free bonus credits to access the gambles you like and land a massive win into your pocket, we have prepared a selection of best casino bonus programs.

Here, you will get plenty useful info about different bonus types, whether it is a welcome offer or a program for high rollers. Along with the above two incentives, there is a multitude of other bonus systems provided in casinos - select the one that fits you most.

Best Casino Bonuses January 2019

Full Bonus

200% up to £5,000 + 50 Free Spins

Full Bonus

200% up to €700 + 100 Free Spins

Last updated: 26.10.18

No matter if you’re one of seasoned gamblers or have just started your career, you can avail of bonuses gaming establishments have on offer. To benefit at maximum, we strongly advise you to keep a wary eye on a bonus structure of a casino prior registering it in. Thus, you will realize whether the institution is worthy your attention.

When checking best casino bonuses, you ought to have a closer look at gambles each offer is associated with. Since casino bonus cash is intended to be used for particular gambles, this this game is worth checking before you send a bonus request. Check if is interesting to play; otherlike, the bonus will hardly be worth claiming.

Among all casino bonus incentives, one can find the ones that fit his gambling style and preferences. The amount, claiming conditions, and pay through requirements of particular bonuses are different in all gambling houses. But you can always find full and recent info about casino bonus offers on our platform.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

To catch the interest of all categories of customers, online casinos deliver varied bonuses targeted towards both returning and novice gamblers; fans of slot and table games; depositless game seekers and true gambling fans. You will easily get best casino bonus offers and deals to perfectly match your gambling style. And our profi’s will assist you in your search of top online casinos with crazy fat bonus offers.

Welcome (Sign up) Bonus

This online casino with bonus is transferred to the player’s wallet once he completes the registration process. Base

d on claiming conditions posed by a casino, one may be requested to deposit money for his online casino wallet to be charged with additional credits.

It is a smarter approach to pick an online casino giving off a bonus that doesn’t ask for a deposit and can be used on gambles you like. If it is difficult to distinguish best bonuses for online casino, our company experts will as

sist you with the search. Our reviews cover bonus information of top rated gambling institutions. Alongside with these amounts, we will disclose info about:

  1. Pay through requirements;
  2. Expiration date;
  3. Claiming conditions;
  4. A list of gambles.
Payout speed
24-72 hours
Welcome Bonus
$ 50
Fast withdrawals
24/7 Live Support
100000+ Games
50+ Providers

No Deposit Bonus

To catch the interest of even more players, some casinos have prepared no deposit bonuses for customers. This specific gambling casino online bonus can be obtained only after a deposit is made or a registration process is done.You may be also asked to play a particular game or take part in a specific tournament.

You may be aware of potential pitfalls associated with no deposit bonuses: short expiration dates, tough pay through requirements, no chance for a player to cash out wins landed with bonus money. Of course, our gambling profys will assist you in reviewing casino bonuses today.

Payout speed
0-2 hours
Welcome Bonus
$ 200

Match Bonus

Match bonuses are similar to deposit ones - to acquire both, a player is to make a deposit and place bets with this money in particular casino games. Only upon this condition, the one can get additional credits from a casino. This offer is ideal for gambling enthusiasts who gamble in a regular basis. Thus, your winning odds multiply by two or even more since you have more credits to bet with. No extra effort is needed from your side.

To benefit from best casino bonus deals, you should do the following:

  1. Register in a licensed casino;
  2. Select the game you like;
  3. Check if there is any bonus given for this game;
  4. Participate in the offer.

From our side, we have prepared a list of the best bonus casino 2018 for you to choose from.

Payout speed
0-24 hours
Welcome Bonus
$ 50

Loyalty Bonus

This type of bonus is for high rollers and returning visitors of the casino. The main purpose of the offer is to make players feel they are special and appreciated by the casino.

There are no rules on bonus amount and form. Thus, some can get bonus money, while others may benefit from free spins and bonus rounds in newly released games. You can find full information about the offer in bonus terms and conditions.

The best casino sites bonus are listed in our ratings and casino reviews; we have checked everything ourselves before advising you anything. Be aware of the biggest online casino bonuses and avail at maximum. Keep track of market developments by checking our:

  1. Reviews;
  2. Guides;
  3. Ratings.
Payout speed
0-1 hours
Welcome Bonus
$ 200

Deposit Casino Bonuses

Every casino without exception has a deposit bonus. As its name suggests, a deposit bonus is paid out to a player once he deposits a particular amount of money in a casino. Of course, the “investment” sum can be different as well as a deposit amount/ percentage of this sum.

As a general rule, the newer a casino is, the larger deposit bonus it offers. The logic is simple - it is Canadian online casino bonuses what makes many players register on a resource.

A casino bonus get is easy; you just need to check the bonus description and follow all the requirements, such as:

  1. Deposit amount;
  2. Bonus offer date;
  3. Games to use deposit on.

Otherwise, you are risking making a deposit and getting nothing back.

Payout speed
0-1 hours
Welcome Bonus
$ 200

Free Play Casino Bonuses

Free casino play is one of good online casino bonuses. The main benefit is related to the fact that you do not have to pay a dime for gambling in a casino. Of course, there may be some restrictions posed by a casino, such as:

  1. Free play has a short expiration date;
  2. Free play is available for specific casino games;
  3. Free play requires a deposit for the “free play” mode activation.

To get most out of bonus offer, read the offer description on the casino sites with bonus.


Spin Palace
Payout speed
2 days
Welcome Bonus
$ 1000

Refer a Friend Bonus

Sometimes a simple friend invitation to an online casino can make you rich since a lot of internet gambling houses offer refer a friend bonuses. It means that if you invite someone to play in a casino and the person registers an account on a platform, a casino automatically rewards you.

Thus, you can get free spins, bonus credits, or any other type of rewards to be used in your gameplay.

The internet casino bonus can be different - inquire more information on the official website of the gambling institution or contact a customer support. As a general rule, an online casino with bonus money are very generous. Refer a friend and get:

  1. Bonus money;
  2. Free spins;
  3. Royal rewards.
Spin Palace
Payout speed
2 days
Welcome Bonus
$ 1000

Free Spins Bonuses

You do not necessarily need to pay for spinning the reel of your favorite slots. It is a way better to benefit from casino bonus games and claim free spins from a casino. In most cases, free spins are activated after you make a deposit, or are related to a new slot game launch. Whatever the case is, you should use it.

The best online casino bonus can be used on:

  1. Existing slot game;
  2. Newly released machine;
  3. Has no restrictions on its use.

Just like in other types of bonuses, it is critically important for you to check terms and conditions of the offer to know what to expect from it.

Spin Palace
Payout speed
2 days
Welcome Bonus
$ 1000

Cash-back Casino Bonuses

Some casinos return a particular amount of money a player deposits in his gaming account, which is called a cash-back bonus. If you gamble often and like playing for real money, it is recommended for you to select a gambling platform with big casino bonuses.

Thus, by making regular investments into your gameplay, you receive some extra funds from a casino. This type of bonus may have something to do with the banking method you use to make a deposit and the sum you are investing.

If you are in search of the all new casino bonus, we are ready to help you. Check our website from time to time to know:

  • The best cash-back offers;
  • Less strict wagering requirements;
  • Massive casino bonuses.
Spin Palace
Payout speed
2 days
Welcome Bonus
$ 1000

Banking Bonuses

A banking bonus is a type of bonus paid to a player that uses a particular payment system for making deposits or withdrawing money. It is usually a small amount of bonus credits that can be used on any casino game.

You can find detailed information on this type of casino bonus 2018 on the official website of the casino. But be aware that the casino may set strict wagering requirements for this type of bonus, so do not forget to check:

  1. Bonus expiration date;
  2. Gaming restrictions;
  3. Expiration date;
  4. Geographical restrictions for players from some countries.

In case you need our help, we will help you pick massive Canadian casino bonuses.

Spin Palace
Payout speed
2 days
Welcome Bonus
$ 1000

Getting the Best Casino Bonuses Is Easy

The biggest casino bonuses are some of the best ways for online casinos to encourage people to play on their websites. It is also a great opportunity to try newest casino games cheap or even for free, using casino bonus credits. Based on their “work logic,” all casino bonuses can be divided into two groups:

  1. Casino bonuses for a deposit;
  2. No deposit casino bonuses.

Online casinos regularly hold various promotions and give best bonuses for online casino to their players. Some online gambling houses have their own VIP systems that encourage regular players. All this is done with one goal - to make the player become a loyal customer.

As stated above, there are two main groups that can be identified in a casino bonus structure. However, the two groups are divided into subcategories. Thus, there are the following types of deposit casino bonuses:

  1. First deposit casino bonus;
  2. Bonus on the second and subsequent deposits in the casino;
  3. Reload bonuses;
  4. High roller casino bonuses;
  5. Other bonuses.

Aim to find the biggest casino bonuses? Check first deposit bonus, whose size depends on the deposited sum. Thus, a bonus can reach up ​​of $5,000 or even more. However, if you search well, it is possible to get even bigger amounts of free casino funds. And our portal can help you in this mission.

We have reviewed thousands of online casino bonus websites and collected all necessary information to create a rating with the most generous casino with bonus in it. Everything is easy - you do not have to do all the research labour yourself  -we have done it for you!

Wagering Requirements in Canada

Never get tricked by bonus amounts only since wagering requirements mean a lot. It may sometimes happen that there is a massive casino bonus online ready for claiming, but you cannot access it in full because it has strict gaming limitations and pay through requirements. By the way, the later define the amount to be deposited so that you could cash out funds from a gaming club.

Just to keep you in the loop of top casino bonus 2018, our profi’s will provide you the following info:

  • Reputation of the gaming club;
  • Bonus size;
  • Pay through requirements;
  • Gaming restrictions;
  • Geographical restrictions for players;
  • Expiration date.

Website Play.Casino Help You Find Casino Bonuses

We know how important it is for you to gamble in a casino that is loyal to its customers and offer good bonuses and programs to both novice and regular visitors. For this purpose, we have reviewed the gambling market created a list where you will definitely find the most generous bonuses casino.

When creating a rating, we have taken into consideration both the casino gambling bonus size and

  1. Safety of the casino;
  2. Fairness of the casino;
  3. Privacy guarantees;
  4. Bonus structure;
  5. Wagering requirements;
  6. Bonus claim conditions.

True facts about casino bonuses

You can land a jackpot with bonus funds.
You can play with a zero deposit using casino credits.
You can become rich by inviting a friend to gamble in a casino with you.
You can test out newly released slots for free.
You can make money by just registering an account on a website.


What is the function of bonuses in gambling houses?

Bonus money work just like an ordinary investment you make in a casino - the credits are for gameplay use.  

What is the logic behind welcome bonuses?

Top casino bonus is automatically moved to your casino wallet after registration completion. what is more, a deposit can be also a prerequisite for getting bonus funds - check this info.

What’s needed for casino bonuses to be transferred to you?

For obtaining bonus money and betting with it in best casino bonus games, one ought to pick a particular offer in a casino and strictly follow all its conditions.

What casino games does a bonus apply to?

You can find this list in offer description and terms.

What casino games can i play with bonus?

You can review a list of games you can use a casino bonus to in terms and conditions of the offer.

Are casino bonuses real?

Casino bonuses are intended for the gameplay use; they cannot be immediately withdrawn. But you can bet with them to win a jackpot, for example.

How do the best bonuses look like?

Different bonuses are intended for different customers. If you are a newcomer, a welcome bonus is a perfect match for you.

What do bonus pay through requirements mean?

Pay through requirements determine the conditions allowing you can to cash out your win landed with the bonus credits.

Are free spins intended for all slot machines?

Unfortunately, far from all gambles accept the biggest casino bonus for a play. It is usually limited to several machines; you can see this list in the bonus description.

Can a casino change its bonus system?

As a general rule, casino bonus structure is not fixed. The casino regularly makes changes to its offers, bonuses, and promos.