High Volatility Slots 2019

Being one of the most liked and played online casino games, slots are all about having fun and winning big. And what's a better way to win big than playing the high volatility slots? Played by millions of people all over the world, they have experienced quite a growth in popularity over the years due to their ability to produce the biggest wins with massive payouts. But before we talk about the highly volatile slots and their benefits, let's figure out what volatility truly means. Volatility, or variance, of a slot is a term used to denote the game’s risk and the amount of potentially possible wins.

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Best High Volatility Slots

One of the most common problems a new player faces while entering the world of online gambling is which slot to choose. There are thousands of choices available, but not everyone knows the distinction between them. There are primarily three types of variances of a slot – medium, high and low. The high volatility slots reward players in a short time with a large number of big wins. Not every spin will be fruitful, but if your luck is right, and even if one spin leads to winning, you'd be going home with loads of money.

Some of the reasons players find the highly volatile slot machines to be the best are:

These games are meant for people with a satisfactory bankroll. That's why these playing machines are developed to be of impressively quality with vivid graphics and smooth gameplay. You can easily find these games available on the web version, as well as on your smartphone. The mobile slots are optimized to provide the same gaming experience that you'd get while playing them on your PC. Not only that, most of the mobile slots are supported by smartphones running on iOS, Android and Windows software.

These gambling machines can help you win big, and the best thing about it is that winning is easy. You don't have to employ any complex or elaborate methods to try to win this game. Anyone can play these slot machines even with basic knowledge about them and that's what makes them so popular. Playing games with high volatility doesn't require any special or additional skill. If you wish to test the slot before investing your time and effort, you can always opt for the demo version first. Most of the online casinos provide these free versions, and they are quite helpful to understand how the game and its payout work.

What are the high volatility slots

The high volatility slots are not meant for ordinary gamblers. These are high-risk slots that are usually fast-paced. And even though the frequency of wins isn't impressive, but when you do score a win, it's on a huge scale. 

If you want to determine the volatility of any slot, you need to pay attention to the game's payout ratio. Generally, a gambling machine is considered to be of high variance if its payout ratio is over x10000. Another way you can determine the volatility is by playing the game. These days, casinos offer free demo versions of a large number of games. Players can check the frequency and amount of wins of these games before actually deciding whether to continue playing it or not.

Another popular way that gamblers use to determine the volatility of a game is to read the reviews of other players posted on the Internet. If you are a new player and want to know what volatility game to play, we'd advise you to choose the one that matches your budget. If your bankroll is big, you can have a taste of high variance slots. These games have been designed in a way to provide maximum entertainment to the players. Most of these playing machines also provide players with progressive jackpots instead of the common fixed jackpots. In the progressive jackpot, the amount of win continues to increase with each spin. Thus, it offers the players a great opportunity to increase their winnings to a bigger and better level. 

Benefits of the high volatility slots:

The high volatility slot machines have the ability to reward players with huge wins. And even though the probability that this will happen is not very high, there is still a chance it might. And for some people, just the thrill of chasing a high win is what keeps them excited and interested. These games come with lucrative bonus features, such as multipliers, free spins, respins and stacked symbols. These extra features give the players a chance to accumulate a huge amount of wins without having to bet any additional money. 

Another popular feature that these slots provide is the bonus rounds. Triggered by the activation of certain symbols, these rounds give the players an opportunity to earn extra cash. These are two primary reasons, which make these slots such an attractive option amongst the gamblers.

Drawbacks of the high volatility slots:

Although the best high volatility slots are people's favorites and extremely fun to play, we can't deny the considerable risk associated with these games. These playing machines are not meant for users who are inexperienced or who don't have enough bankroll to keep spinning without any luck.

One can go a long time without scoring a win while playing the high volatile online slots. It can adversely affect the mood of the players, make them more frustrated, and that could lead to them losing more money than they originally intended to.