Medium Volatility Slots 2019

While choosing a slot, one thing you should pay close attention to is the volatility or variance of the game. The volatility determines the size of your winning amount and also the frequency of your wins. Variances are of three types – high, medium and low. Low volatility implies a low risk but also a low payout, while high volatility implies a high risk but a high winning payout. If you are new to the world of virtual gambling and not sure which game to choose, it's always advisable to choose the medium volatile slots, as they are the moderation of the two abovementioned slot types.

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Best Medium Volatility Slots

Of all the slot machines available, you'd find medium volatility ones to be the most common. They fall somewhere “in-between,” and for most players, they are the right combination of risk and payout. Some of the reasons why gamers prefer the medium variance games over others are:

This type of variance provides the best balance. They are neither risky as the high variance games are, nor coming with frugal payouts as the low variance slots do.

As a large portion of playing machines available these days are of medium volatility, gaming software companies ensure that they provide the best entertainment to the players. These games come with high-quality graphics, impressive sound effects, latest features, smooth navigation, and fantastic gameplay. Some of these games are also available in the 3D version for users who like to take it a notch up.

What are the medium volatility slots?

As the name clearly suggests, the medium volatility slot machines are games that have moderate risks and come with moderately high awards frequent enough to keep the players interested. They are a combination of two extremes: on the one hand, you find them with average risk somewhat similar to the low volatility games, and on the other, their payout approximates that of the highly volatile slots. To determine the volatility of any game is not that simple. Most casinos don't display it, and you have to figure it out yourself. One way to find it out is to look at the game's paytable. Just compare the payout that is awarded for five symbols with that awarded for four or less, and if you find the difference to be 4 to 8 times, you are playing a medium variance slot.

Another way to determine the game’s variance is by playing it. The best way to measure the volatility of a gambling machine is by spinning the reels. And one or two spins wouldn't suffice. It takes a great number of spins (probably, 100 or even more) to get accurate data regarding its volatility.

The best medium volatility slots are commonly known amongst players as the hybrid slots. There is an optimal balance present between the size of the wins and the risk factor. The majority of the gamers consider the RTP index (Return to Player) to choose the right slot for themselves. But one important factor is not considered therein. The RTP is more of a long-run factor measurement, that is, which slot is better performing is measured after 1000 or 2000 spin of reels. For a player with a limited bankroll, that is not going to last more than 100 spins, relying on the RTP is not a smart choice. This is where volatility comes into the picture. As already mentioned above, volatility has a great effect on the size of your win. It's best to use the volatility and RTP parameters together while choosing a slot that is the best for you. 

The gambling machines with these variances – low, medium and high – have their own advantages and drawbacks. It's not easy to determine, which one is the best or the worst. It all depends upon your personal preference and your budget availability.

If you are new to the world of slots and online gambling, it's best to start slow. Getting all excited and investing all your money in the highly volatile slots is a mistake. On the other hand, people who don't like to play slow will be disappointed with the low volatile slots. Here, the medium volatile games come in handy. The best option for gamblers who don't want to go to either of the extremes.

Benefits of the medium volatility slot machines

  • There is a wide range of the medium volatility slots available in the market. Most virtual casinos have a wide catalog of these games provided for gamers, which have been developed by some of the top gaming companies in the world.
  • These games come with highly attractive bonus features and bonus rounds. These bonus features include free spins, multipliers, double or nothing, stacked special symbols and so on. They could help you to increase the chances of your winnings.
  • These playing machines are perfect for a person with not much experience and limited bankroll to rely on. The frequency of the wins are regular, and even though you won’t be able to win a huge amount, it's enough not to make you lose interest.

Drawbacks of the medium volatility slot machines

  • These slots aren't meant for the high rollers. These gamblers expect huge winnings, which the medium volatile slots don't provide. These slots are meant for casual players with a good budget who want to earn a decent payout and also have fun.
  • The best way to make the most out of these games is to raise the amount of your stake. But that would mean that you should have enough money to rely on.