Free Vegas Slots Online

Vegas Slots players say, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ While this may be true about a lot of things, gambling is definitely not one of them. Everyone is always filled with joy at the excitement of playing in a casino, especially if you bring home some extra cash. The casinos in Las Vegas are known to be some of the best in the world, with the strip lit up by all of the most known monuments around the world like the pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and the Statue of Liberty. 

While the excitement of stepping into a Vegas casino is difficult to match, there are software geniuses that have developed Vegas slots online to try and capture the vibes. These simulations of real Vegas slots are brought to life all from the comfort of your own home, with all the same effects and all the same big chances to win. Perhaps the best part about playing online is that you can play Vegas-style slots free online. Yes, you heard that right! If this has caught your attention, then you’re definitely in the right place as we have some free slot suggestions, along with mobile selections, and collection that allows you to play for real money.  

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Play Free Vegas Slot Machines

While there may be some people that only want to play Vegas slots for real money, there are a lot of others who prefer to play for free. Free play is a popular option when it comes to online casinos for a few reasons.

  1. Free play requires none of your money and essentially involves no risk; there is no need to ever worry about losing anything;
  2. Free play allows you to play for fun, trying your luck on some of the top casinos without any of the pressure. You can simply find the site, choose your game, and start playing;
  3. Free play can get you acquainted with the game before you play for real money. Playing Vegas real money slots can be intimidating, especially if you’re not experienced. In this way, you can play for free to test the waters before gambling any of your hard-earned cash.

Vegas Mobile Slots for Android, iPhone, IOS and Tablets

What if you’re having a good time playing Vegas slots online free play games and you have to leave the house knowing you won’t be returning the whole day?  While playing on PC is amazing with an option to play all types of games and fast connection, depending on your service of course, but one disadvantage is you can’t take your PC with you everywhere. Good thing for mobile play! Yes, this really does exist, and with the improvement of technology comes the opportunity for playing all the same games you enjoy from the comfort of your home on the go. 

Vegas slots online mobile versions are an amazing option if you’re always on the go. You can play many of your favourite games on your devices like mobile phones and tablets. Mobile slots is also more interactive than playing on your PC, with some of the top software supported games giving you the option to swipe, shake, and poke your mobile device to play. One disadvantage of playing on your mobile device is that not all games are available. The technology is advanced. However, supporting some games just takes too much memory and cannot be transferred for mobile play yet. While it will be available one day, we’re not quite there. 

Play the Best Vegas Slot Machines Online

We all know that Vegas is the top gambling destination in the world, attracting players from all corners of the globe that want to experience the vibrant gambling life. It should come as no surprise that Vegas slot machines are also ranked high and are considered to be the best in the world. So, how do you choose the best Vegas slot games from a place that hosts only the best? It wasn’t easy but we have narrowed the millions out there down to a few of the best.

We looked for:

  • Uncomplicated play – because no one has time for that;
  • Large progressive jackpots – the bigger the better;
  • Top software – only from the giants;
  • Great graphics – we like a nice screen!

This led us to some of the most popular Vegas casino slots that we then checked against online reviews by gamblers of all levels. In doing this, we’re proud to introduce you to our fave five: 
  1. Mega Moolah – This is a slot superstar. At a minimum, its progressive jackpot amount is $1 million. If you’re in Vegas, definitely give it a spin!
  2. Mega Bucks: They’re now for their big payouts, which happen often!
  3. Circus Circus: It became popular after it was rumoured to be the loosest slot;
  4. Jackpot Party: Known for large payouts and big bonuses;
  5. Double Diamond: This hit casino floors and immediately became a hit with its large payout opportunities.

New Free Vegas Slot Machines

Looking for new free Vegas slots? We have some of the top-rated ones here for you to enjoy. New Vegas slot games are hitting the market every day, keeping frequent players and those who only play ‘once in a blue moon’ entertained. Gaming companies usually release ideas quarterly and start creating an environment of anticipation when it comes to their release date. The newest of the new usually make an appearance in large gaming expos first to start the anticipation and get the word out, followed by a date of release.

You’re sure to enjoy these!

Play Vegas Slots for Real Money

Looking to play real Vegas slots online for real money? It’s not hard to do as their popularity makes them highly available on all of the online casino sites for real money play. Luckily, these sites are available for most players around the world to enjoy. Millions of experienced gamblers play Vegas slots as follows: 

  • Genesis;
  • Betway;
  • Mr. Green;
  • Royal Vegas;
  • Grand Ivy.

All five are the best online casinos you can find today in the world wide web, featuring amazing signup bonuses and, of course, featuring the best Vegas slots to play online. We hope you’re on your way to enjoying both real-money and free online Vegas slot machines, whether it is in your home, on the go or in one of amazing Vegas casinos. Whichever you choose, best of luck and as always, play with care. Happy gaming!