Craps online and all about it

dice in craps gamesCraps is one of the most exciting and lively casino games. It is known for drawing large crowds together because it is such a thrilling experience. The name 'Craps' comes from the French word, 'crapaud,' which means toad. It is a fitting name since players would be so immersed if they would squat down to roll dice across the street.

Time flies when you're playing Craps. The longest game ever lasted 4 hours, and the players didn't even know the rules! What makes it so lovable for people from all around the world is that the game's difficulty depends on the bets you place. It may seem simple on the surface, but it has many exciting dimensions to offer.

Rules for Real Money Craps

Any craps casino game is excellent for players of all levels. However, they do have a complex table and a massive collection of jargon. On the bright side, learning the rules is pretty simple and makes for much better playing experience. Regardless of where you play, the craps game remains the same. Some of the styles of betting are complicated. Beginners should place simple wagers on single numbers.

7 Simple Rules:

  1. At the beginning of a craps game, there is a bet called the pass line. The player must determine whether they will win by landing a combined 11 or 7 or losing by landing a 2,3, or 12.
  2. Then the base dealers collect all the pass bets and tally them to the table.
  3. The shooter's first roll of the dice is when the game starts. This is called the 'come-out roll'
  4. The pass line bettors will win their bet if the dice hits 7 or 11, and if it hits a combined 2,3, or 12, they don't pass bettors win.
  5. When a point is set on the table, the players can bet on the dice hitting the point, landing on other numbers, or landing on a 7 and losing.
  6. After that, the shooter rolls the dice until it lands on a 7 or a point.
  7. If the shooter rolls a point, they go on as the shooter in the next round. However, if they move a 7, then they have to 'seven out'. This means that a new craps player becomes the next shooter.
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How to Start Playing Craps Online?

  1. Claim a Big-Time Welcome Bonus

    A big bonus is fantastic because it usually doubles your current budget. This can help you play what you love with a larger safety net.

  2. Stay Safe and Play Safer

    If you play craps online, you can stay safe at home and away from possible inconveniences. Ensure that you play at a licenced craps casino.

  3. Play for Fun or Real Money

    Before playing for real money, it is strongly advised that you play craps for free no download required. Craps can be more exhilarating and rewarding when you have a chance to make some cash.

Great Craps Players Welcome Promotions

Most casino bonuses are things like free spins, but for craps, this is not beneficial. Instead,
these players should search for no deposit bonuses and good welcome offers.

Some online casinos provide free credit which allows players to win real money. This is something to look out for because you won’t be risking losing your funds. However, before you sign up, you need to check the wagering and deposit terms and conditions.

Great Craps Player Tips

  1. Try Fun Mode to Practise

    It can be risky to roll the dice for real money before learning all the rules and jargon. You can play craps online free and can get a feel of what the game is really like.

  2. Begin by Wagering Small Amounts

    At the start of the game, you should begin by wagering small amounts. Keep in mind that if you wager a significant amount, you could lose a lot of money.

  3. Use the Master Pass

    The 'don't pass bet' is a wager placed against the shooter. If the dice rolls the 'craps numbers' (2, 3, and 12), then the player wins.

  4. Take Caution with Hedge Bets

    A hedge bet involves making another bet to protect your wager for another bet. It is a tricky technique because you never know which way it could go. Making many low wagers will not be useful in the long run.

  5. Keep Track of Your Bankroll

    Remember to only play with money that you can afford to lose. Know how much money you're willing to lose and stop while you're ahead.

  6. Utilise Casino Bonuses

    Many casino bonuses usually double your initial bonus to a specified amount as part of the welcome bonus. Make the most of casino bonuses because you won't lose from your funds.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Craps

  • You can win money
  • You can lose money

Bet Types for Online Craps

Crapless Craps

With crapless craps, all the numbers are points numbers. There are 6 come out ways to win, and you can never lose.

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Open Craps

Open craps are also known as the money version, and it involves players betting with each other on the shooter's point numbers. However, there's usually a charge of around 5% to place the wagers in the book.

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High point Craps

It's pretty similar to the classic iteration, but with high point craps, a 2 or 3 on the initial roll are ignored. If the shooter gets an 11 or 12, then he automatically wins.

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New York Craps

New York craps are popular in the east of the USA. However, you can also play New York craps online UK. The main difference is that you are on box numbers.

Simplified Craps

The simplified alternative is just an easier to understand version of classic craps. However, there are no point numbers which makes it a lot easier than other types.

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Online Craps Pros & Cons

  • plus icon
    1. The minimum bet is usually low
    2. Exciting and thrilling to play
    3. Can win bets consecutively
    4. If using a pass line bet, the house edge is 1.41%
    5. You can play free craps online
  • minus icon
    1. Can lose all bets with one roll
    2. Extensive jargon and rules

Real Money Game vs Fun Mode at Online Craps

Why Users Play for Real Money
  1. Chance to win big

  2. Good welcome bonus

  3. Low minimum wager

Why users play for free
  1. You can practice before playing the real money game

  2. Play craps free for as long as you like

  3. No risk makes it fun


? What are the winning odds?

The odds of winning are approximately 0.67.

? What should I look for in a welcome bonus?

You want enough money to bet with, so most good casinos give you double what you have as a warm welcome. You can check out online craps reviews at each casino.

? Is it easy to play craps?

Yes and No. The premise is simple to understand, but there's a lot of rules and jargon if you want to get the most out of it genuinely.