Online European Roulette

European roulette wheelEuropean roulette is a classical casino game that’s known by many people. Even those who have never been to a casino will likely recognize the roulette wheel as soon as they see it. The game has become a favourite among players because of large payouts and a low house edge. Even novices can play the game and score big. However, it’s a good idea to practice some free European roulette first to get a feel for how this game works.

Today, online casino European roulette can be found in virtually every internet casino. Before placing any real bets, always verify the casino is licensed and regulated. In this guide, we will go over some of the basics you need to know before you start. This includes rules and odds, the different kinds of bets that can be made, and some general tips to remember while you play.

Rules & Odds in European roulette

European roulette is a simple and straightforward game. To start, each player places their bet. The roulette is then spun and wherever the ball lands, that’s the winning number. If you bet correctly, you win.

With any casino game, knowing the rules and odds of different bets is vital to winning. In roulette, there are a variety of different bets you can make, each carrying their own odds of success. Betting on a single number has the lowest odds of winning but will net the biggest payout. On the other hand, other bets will have greater odds but lower payouts. Understanding how this works is key to playing the game.

European roulette online - table and wheel.

Advantages of European roulette

  • icon - plusPlaying online European roulette allows you to try this game in a traditional, classic form.
  • With a lower house edge, the game has better odds compared to other variants and provides a more enjoyable experience.
  • The software has improved greatly and European online roulette can now offer a great way to enjoy the game right from home.
  • You can find free European roulette online at many casinos and even some non-casino sites. It allows all kinds of players to play the game without having to wager real money.
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European Roulette RTP, House Edge, and Chances to Win

European roulette is known as a game with a low house edge, a major reason for its popularity. The return to player sits at 97.30%. Overall, there are 37 different slots/areas where the ball could land. Keep in mind there are other versions of roulette available which all vary slightly. We generally recommend playing European roulette when you sign up at a casino since the house edge is lower. This means there’s a greater chance for you to win.

Regardless of what bet you make, the house edge and RTP will remain the same throughout. The main variable that changes with each bet is the probability. An even/odd money bet carries a probability of 48.64% which makes it an appealing choice. The same is true for bets on red/black or high/low. The bet with the lowest chance of winning is the straight bet with a mere 2.70%. It does, however, carry the biggest payout.

Types of bets at European roulette

The great thing about roulette is the scope of betting opportunities it provides. With a wheel that has 37 pockets (or slots, or whatever you want to call them), the betting possibilities are huge. The ball will always find a way into a pocket with a specific number. However, that doesn’t mean you can only bet on a single number. There are various combinations involved and we’re about to break it down.
Straight Up/Single Bet - European Roulette
Inside bets:

Straight Up/Single (pays 35:1) – this involves simply betting on a single number. If the ball lands there, you win. It’s the riskiest bet you can make but has the highest payout if you win.

Split/Double - European Roulette

Split/Double (pays 17:2) – you place your bet on the line that separates two different numbers. It means you’re betting on either number to win. The ball only needs to land on one of two numbers for you to win.

Street/Trio - European Roulette

Street/Trio (pays 11:1) – in this case, you’re betting on one of three numbers to win. The bet is placed on a row of three numbers. If any of these three numbers wins, you win.

Corner/Square Bet - European Roulette

Corner/Square (pays 8:1) – the bet is placed in the centre of a square containing four numbers. Any of the four numbers can result in a win.

Six Line Bet - European Roulette

Six Line (pays 5:1) – it’s like a double version of street betting. You bet on two adjacent rows of three numbers each. If the ball lands on one of these numbers, you win.

Black/Red Bet - European Roulette
Outside Bets:

Black/Red (pays even money, 1:1) – you’re betting on either one of 18 red numbers or 18 black numbers to win. If betting red, the ball only needs to land on a red section to win.

Even/Odd Bet - European Roulette

Even/Odd (pays even money, 1:1) – you bet on an even number or odd number to win. The colour doesn’t count in this case. If you choose odd that means it needs to land on any odd number to win.

High/Low Bet - European Roulette

High/Low (pays even money, 1:1) – the bet is either on the lower set of numbers (1-18) or the higher numbers (19-36). Getting any number in that set means a win. You’re covering one half of the roulette.

Columns Bet - European Roulette

Columns (pay 2:1) – you’re betting on an entire column that contains 12 numbers. You only need one of the numbers to win.

Dozen Bet - European Roulette

Dozen (pays 2:1) – the bet is placed on one of three groups of dozens. This means either 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.

European Roulette Tips

  1. Play European Roulette Online for Free

    Before playing with real money, you should first play European roulette free online. When you play free European roulette you’ll get familiar with the rules and nature of the game without any risk.

  2. Choose Trusted Casinos

    Should you decide to play with real money, it’s important to choose a trusted casino. Only play at a casino that’s licensed and regulated. Be sure to look up reviews from other players too.

  3. Know the Odds

    Knowing the odds of the different bets you can make is an important factor for success. Some bets are more likely to win than others. Keep this in mind and try to go for those with greater probabilities.

  4. Make Use of the Outside Betting Opportunities

    Outside bets carry a greater probability of winning. You should take advantage of this option. Though they do pay less, there’s a lower chance you’ll lose money too.

  5. Try Column Betting

    Betting on a column will cover a fair amount of the roulette. This can give you a good chance of landing a win. There are three different columns you can bet on.

  6. Respect the Bankroll

    The bankroll is your budget, or what you’re willing to spend. Keep your bankroll in mind while you’re playing. Don’t spend more than you can afford and dig yourself into a hole.

Advantages & Disadvantages of European Roulette

  • You can win money
  • You can lose money


European roulette can provide an exciting and thrilling experience for players. When people imagine a casino, the spinning roulette wheel can be one of the first images that come to mind. Now you can even find the game online.

The game might appear very simple at first, however, it’s important to keep everything we mentioned above in mind. Remember the kind of bets you can make and the odds they carry. Be mindful of your budget. Most importantly, remember to have fun and stay relaxed.


⭐ Can I Play European Roulette from My Phone?

Most software developers use HTML5 when creating casino games that makes it possible for you to enjoy European roulette directly from your phone browser.

⭐ What Is the European Roulette RTP Rate?

You can expect an average Return To Player rate of 97.30%.

⭐ Can I Play European Roulette for Free?

Yes, you can play the demo version without making a real money deposit.

⭐ Is Online European Roulette Better Than Playing in a Land-Based Casino?

It depends on your personal preference. When playing online roulette you can determine the pace, giving you more time to choose your bets.