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Online casino scams 2019 in New Zealand: blacklist and warning

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Gambling online is such a fun way of spending your spare time, and it certainly could bring you some nice profit. That is why it is vital not only to make sure you have the joyful gambling experience. But also to avoid any disappointing and fun-killing aspects that all rogue online games could potentially be fraught with. Unfortunately, some novice players go through this unpleasant experience when searching for appropriate internet casinos. Internet casino scams are very common, and one should always remember it.

Just imagine that you could lose all your savings, each dollar that you have earned so hard, only because of the dishonesty of some online casinos! Gamblers seek for fun and money, and they have every right to get top-quality service, not some online fraud. With plenty of online casino platforms accessible on the Internet throughout the world, there is no ‘safety island’ in the sea of the virtual world of gambling. Here, you can learn what blacklisted casino 2018 in NZ one must avoid at all costs.    

List of scams blacklisted casino sites

Play Frank
Play Frank
All Jackpot
All Jackpot
Miami Club
Miami Club
Platinum Play
Platinum Play
Last updated: 18.01.19

Criteria for adding an online casino to the blacklist

As you can see, online fraud is prospering today in all parts of the world. By choosing to play (out of ignorance) at a blacklisted casino, players put themselves in something more terrifying than losing their cash – exposing their personal financial information. But what are the criteria for labeling an online casino as an Internet scam? What are the famous casino scams that gambling person should not participate in?

The gamblers that have encountered rogue online casinos primarily experience some payout problems as well as an unexpected change of rules and odds when playing games. Sad to say, there is more to add to this list.  

BlackList Reason 1

Payment Issues

When winning at online casino games, entertaining slots or beating the dealer, players can rightfully expect their prizes to be transferred to their accounts.

While some unreliable gambling platforms are notorious for delaying payments to their clients, many of latest casino scams include not paying winners at all.   

BlackList Reason 2

The Odds Are Not In Your Favour

The randomness of winning and losing is an essential condition of any online gambling service. It provides fairness and excitement for the players, entrusting the outcome of the game in the hands of fate.

Sadly, lots of fraudulent platforms use gambling scams representing the absence of a Random Number Generator or its incorrect operation.   


BlackList Reason 3

Annoying Marketing

Despite all fun and thrill, online casinos are considered business. Hence where is business, there is money; where is money, there is the need to sell and to advertise.

And while advertisement runs the world, aggressive marketing is not an option. The blacklist online casino sure includes those spamming their players with annoying emails.

BlackList Reason 4

Giving False Information

The rogue casinos that you should avoid tend to provide their customers with false information about their rules, bonuses, games, and promotions.

Unfortunately, sometimes the most alluring offer turns out to be something not so profitable and suitable for gamblers. Such casinos show no respect towards their clients. This is highly unethical and misleading.

BlackList Reason 5

Cheating From The Beginning

Some of the most dishonest gambling platforms initially decide to take advantage of their clients. They use cheating software that prevents players from ever winning money at a particular service.

Not only is it an illegal practice, but also a good reason to blacklist yourself from casino of such sort. This way you will avoid a bankruptcy disaster.   

Remove online casino from our blacklist

It is easy to predict that, regrettably, new casino scams will gain momentum. Some indecent online casinos may unfairly close your account just after you have hit the jackpot! Others use fine print and overall vagueness of the information given which will undoubtedly deprive the players of an opportunity to cash out their winnings. There are also blacklisted casino sites that violate the privacy and security of their gamblers by using low-quality engines and software.

Besides stealing money from their clients and robbing them of a chance to win, online frauds practice changing terms and conditions during the gaming process. Those who create online casino scams in New Zealand should be legally punished, yet there are some questionable services with unclear online reputation. You can use your positive experience with some of the platforms mentioned above and remove a chosen online casino from our blacklist.

Make sure to highlight such important points as:

  1. The presence of a license;
  2. The overall payout situation;
  3. The quality of gaming software;
  4. The legibility of terms and conditions;
  5. The advertisement atmosphere.

The gambling process has to be as delightful and beneficial as it could. Respecting clients’ rights and their privacy, giving them the real opportunity to try their luck – those are the two crucial tenets of the world of online casinos. The lack of such things distinguish the services from our blacklist from casinos with an excellent reputation. Play safely!